About Escape Backyards

Escape Backyards provide garden design and consulting services in the New England area of NSW, Australia.

 Our speciality is private resort style gardens to make your garden your escape from this busy world. Resorts are peaceful, have good entertaining areas and lead you on a tour through their spaces. All this is achievable in most Australian backyards - even with our limited water resources. It is also important to know that a beautiful garden is achievable on any budget. There are a wealth of materials around that can be used in an imaginative way to create the look and feel you want.

 The styling can be exotic, elegant or novel. The level of maintenance can be constant for the keen gardener to low for those who prefer not to spend their time actively gardening. With all these possibilities, your garden can be created to be a unique reflection of your taste and preferences.

 There are many reasons you might seek the help of a design company like Escape Backyards including not having the time to do it yourself, needing some know how to develop your own gardening and DIY skills or wanting some new ideas. Whatever your reason, we are here to help.