Our Services

Does your garden:

  • Need a revamp?
  • Require taming and renewal?
  • Need to be tidied up for sale?
  • Need to reflect your changed requirements and priorities?
  • Hinder instead of enhance your lifestyle?

 We offer professional garden design incorporating:

  • Outdoor living
  • Hardy stylish planting
  • Waterwise products
  • Formal and Informal stylings
  • Front and rear gardens
  • Innovative use and sourcing of materials
  • Complete replacement or low cost modifications to current gardens

Escape Backyards can provide a range of design consultations from onsite design to plan drawing and computer modelling.

Garden implementation services are available using local professional contractors and our professional project management services.

To ensure your garden stands the test of time, Escape Backyards would like to establish an ongoing garden management services for you which would include:

  • Annual/biannual Trimming
  • Removal of plants no longer required
  • Replacement of plants as necessary or wanted
  • Mulch topup

 Evolution design and planning for the maturing garden